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More professional than professional

Home clean. Clean regularly. The decor is clean. Empty houses are clean. The rent is clean. Check in and clean. Year-end cleaning. Storage / Clearance / Moving. In addition to mildew / mites / essential oil washing / deodorization. The hourly stored value prepaid card. The washing machine is clean. The air conditioner is clean.

24H rapid automation reservation system

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Jelliclean® is certified by the US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Agency and can be used to clean BBQ grills and imported cleaners for food dishes. Jelliclean hopes to provide you with a safe and healthy home environment


This is the persistence and appeal of jelliclean®

Tongren are young Taiwanese colleagues (no foreigners) Professional training and internship SOP standardized cleaning method More reliable quality It is completely different from other cleaning companies looking for temporary workers. Clean and clean, let you clean and save effort Professional rejuvenation is our special feature

Serious, professional, honest, responsible is our corporate mission

A number of well-known listed companies cooperate with the diplomats of European countries Taoyuan International Airport, Sanshang Group, Xinyi Group, Taiwan Group, Hong Kong Group, Eternal Hydropower Group, etc.......

Jelliclean® strives to be full service Just to make you no longer worry about trivial matters

Your sustenance is the thing we care the most! Standard SOP process (Standard Operating Procedures) An acceptance form is available after each completion Ensure absolute satisfaction after completion!!

The company uses the latest responsive html5 syntax to write Suitable for browsing and booking for various devices  


jelliclean  newspaper is not published regularly


The company owns the app of the andriod system

Welcome to download for free

Iphone App production teaching

年代新聞台 & 壹電視 & 蘋果日報報導

年代新聞台 & 壹電視 & 蘋果日報報導

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