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Know Before You Go 

  1. This newsletter is to inform you that the itinerary has been arranged for you.

  2. The details of the decoration service content on that day are mainly based on the communication and confirmation with the owner during the site survey, and the site survey records (photos) are used as evidence. Additional areas or content will be charged extra .

  3. ​​ Peer service is limited to cleaning services, and does not include other services that are not in the scope of cleaning (except if there is an agreement)

  4. Cleaning tools and stairs will be provided during cleaning. In case of special circumstances, both parties shall make an agreement during the site survey.

  5. If on-site customers make additional requirements , additional fees will be charged based on the on-site conditions.

  6. All fees will be charged after the end of the service time. (Except for those with prior agreement)

  7. Non-service items

  8. Before cleaning, please take away the valuables in your home

  9. After the service is completed, please be sure to sign for it.

  10. If the itinerary has been agreed by both parties in advance, and the service staff arrives at the scene on the day of service, but the service is unavailable due to the owner’s factors, we will charge 1,000 yuan for carriage

  11. ​​ We will pack the cleaned garbage and waste (please provide a special garbage bag for the owner) or gather them in one place, and ask the owner to dispose of it by himself. If you need to deal with it, you can call the clearing company on your behalf, and the cost will be quoted according to the current price of the clearing company.

  12. If there is force majeure on the day of service, such as typhoon, flood. . . In case of force majeure, you can coordinate rescheduled service or cancel service. Inquiry about suspension of classes and classes by the Bureau of Personnel Administration of the Executive Yuan

The appointment has been completed, we will go to the service at your appointment time

*Please be sure to fill in the reply. If you do not fill in, the company will have the right to cancel the service, please forgive me

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