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​​What colleagues need to know before going

  1. ​After confirming the case, the company will take the initiative to send the notice to the customer to let the customer know that we are billing on the hour .

  2. When colleagues receive the dispatch, please confirm the date, time, address, charging method, and amount   Are there any omissions?

  3. Colleagues, the day before the service, please be sure to inform the customer that they will be served tomorrow, lest the customer forgets and makes a trip in vain

  4. Be sure to wear company uniforms and bring related cleaning tools on the day of service

  5. The owner is obliged to provide a safe working environment. If the colleague assesses that his or her life is in danger, he has the right to refuse service . If the colleague's life is damaged due to the negligence of the owner, he has the right to make compensation to the owner.

  6. Please evaluate the area and content that can be served within the time on site. If there is overtime or extra time, [Company direct customers] will be charged an additional 550 yuan/person for one hour (650 yuan/person during the New Year period), [Xinyi] customers will be charged an additional 600 yuan/person for one hour, and 700 yuan/person for the new year

  7. If you meet a customer at the scene, please inform the customer tactfully, we belong to the hour  Billing, this may require additional time, and the additional time shall be calculated in accordance with Article 6

  8. During the service process, if the item is found to be damaged or abnormal, please report it to the customer as soon as possible and take a photo for self-protection. This item will temporarily wait for the customer’s notice before cleaning

  9. After cleaning, please be sure to ask the customer to sign for self-insurance and charge

  10. If the customer's request cannot be confirmed whether it is serviceable, please check: 【 non-service items

  11. Please put the cleaned waste in a plastic bag (provided by the customer) and place it in a corner. Please also inform the customer

  12. Please be careful during the cleaning process and do not damage or break the customer's belongings. If it happens, please inform the customer in a tactful manner. If compensation is required, the company will communicate with the customer and then inform the colleagues.

  13. If the hours are delayed due to our colleagues, we will make up the hours. If the time is short due to the owner's factor, we will not make up for it.

  14. If there is force majeure on the day of service, such as typhoon, flood. . . In case of force majeure, you can coordinate rescheduled service or cancel service. Inquiry about suspension of classes and classes by the Bureau of Personnel Administration of the Executive Yuan

  15. If colleagues think this customer is not bad, please go to the FB fan page to give good reviews or five-star reviews. There is a QR code or
    FB: Search 【Jie Li Home】

  16. Please be careful about the road conditions and ensure safety . Be safe when serving  For the top

  17. If the one-person service is over, if possible, please report Ping An in the group

  18. The company can add it at any time. above

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