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​Transfer Order / Referral  What to know about the content of the contract

  1. The transfer order service is based on the principle of mutual trust and mutual assistance . Violators will no longer cooperate and retain the follow-up legal retrospective rights.

  2. Jieli Home is based on the principle of customer first, so it transfers the order to the corresponding manufacturer. Jieli Home plays a purely transfer order service. Jieli Home still retains the ownership of this customer, and cooperates with the manufacturer not to snatch customers or advocate customer follow-up service transfer orders.

  3. Jie Li doesn't live at home  Coordination, quotation  or  To extract the fees receivable from the manufacturer, the manufacturer will contact the customer for confirmation and service. Please add 10%~15% of the introduction fee to the quotation for Jieli Home.

  4. The issuance of customer invoices has nothing to do with Jieli Home, and is issued by the service provider.

  5. For customer payment, the service provider shall coordinate the payment method with the owner. The service provider shall change the payment method within three days  Referral fee  Transfer to the account of Jie Li Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.

  6. Service vendors must comply with the highest professional ethics and professional standards to serve customers

  7. If subsequent customers have disputes or compensations, it has nothing to do with Jieli Home Co., Ltd. The manufacturer shall take full responsibility and properly handle follow-up issues.

  8. Jieli Home has the right to sample telephone customer service satisfaction surveys

  9. Jieli Home reserves the above interpretation power​ .

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