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Taipei City. New Taipei City. Kaohsiung area

​Most recommended cleaning company

把繁瑣小事  做到極致

The house is clean. Clean regularly. The decor is clean. Empty house clean. Cancel the lease and clean. Stay clean. Year-end cleaning. Storage / clearing / moving. In addition to mildew/mites/essential oil washing/deodorizing. Hourly stored value prepaid card. Washing machine clean. The air conditioner is clean.


Cleanly Home ® uses imported cleaners that are certified by the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture and can be used to clean BBQ grills and dishes.

Same specifications as Taiwan's five-star hotel and McO'Lao

Jieli Home hopes to provide you with a safe and healthy home environment


This is Jieli Home®  Persistence and Appeal


The colleagues of Jie Li Home are all young colleagues from Taiwan (no foreigners)

And received professional training and internships

SOP standardized cleaning method

More reliable quality

It's completely different from other cleaning companies that find temporary workers

Clean and find clean power, let you clean and save effort

​​​​ Professional rejuvenation is our characteristic

Serious, professional, honest and responsible   Is our corporate mission


Cooperation of many well-known listed companies & French diplomacy in Taiwan

Taoyuan International Airport, PetroChina Building, Sanshang Group, Xinyi Group, Taiwan Group, Hong Kong Group, well-known entertainers  Wait.......

Let you know Jeli Home®  More confident


Cleanly Home®  Strive towards full service   

Just for  Let you no longer worry about life's trivial matters

Signing a Contract

Your sustenance is what we care about most!


Standard SOP process

(Standard Operating Procedures)

There is an acceptance sheet after each completion

Ensure absolute satisfaction guarantee after completion!!


Our company charges hourly, four hours per person is the basis of billing. Many customers care about the hourly charge but the unit price is proved to be low. Usually the total price is much higher because our professional service within four hours can handle the possible working hours of more than six hours in the shop.
The total amount is even more valuable than other shops, and you don’t need to wait for a long time

Professional is to use the right tools and match the appropriate cleaning supplies


Responsive Website

The company uses the latest responsive html5 grammar to write

Suitable for browsing and making appointments on various devices

Jie Li Newspaper is published from time to time

The company has an APP with andriod system

Welcome to download for free>

Iphone App Making Teaching 

​Times news. One TV News. Apple Daily Interview Video




Or a dedicated online appointment service


Choose the service you need


Submit an appointment form


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Appointment completed

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