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Copyright notice

All content published on the website of Jie Li Home Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company website"), including company name, company logo, company identification, text narration, posters, pictures, mascots, dolls, teaching materials, etc., are subject to The copyright law of the Republic of China and international copyright laws are guaranteed, and the copyright belongs to the original author.
The content and services provided by this site are only for the user’s personal non-commercial use. The user must abide by all relevant provisions of the Copyright Law when using it, and cannot be arbitrarily altered, distributed, broadcast, resold, reproduced, modified, or distributed. , Perform, display or use the content or services of this website.
To request reprinting of the content of this website or other commercial use, please apply to the original author, and it is strictly forbidden to use it without the permission of the original author.

It is strictly forbidden to use homophonic or confusing audio-visual methods to infringe the rights and interests of the company


1. Copyright Statement

  1. All content published on Jie Li Home Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company's website") shall not be the subject of copyright in accordance with Article 9 of the Copyright Law. Others include text narratives, photography, pictures, sound recordings, images, and Other information is protected by copyright law.

  2. Anyone who may not be the subject of copyright is free to use them, and all circles are welcome to use them.

  3. The content of the company’s website information is protected by the copyright law, unless there is a reasonable use case, it must obtain the company’s written consent or authorization before using it;
    If the content of the work of another copyright owner is involved, it shall be used only after obtaining the consent or authorization of the copyright owner.

  4. The above "reasonable use cases" are explained as follows:

    1. Works published on the company's website are published in the name of the company, and the author is the company, and may be reproduced, publicly broadcast or publicly transmitted within a reasonable range; please indicate the source when using it.

    2. The information on the company's website may be reproduced for personal or family non-profit purposes.

    3. For reporting, commenting, teaching, research or other legitimate purposes, within a reasonable range, the information on the company’s website may be quoted; when quoting, please indicate the source.

    4. For other fair use situations, please refer to Article 44 to Article 65 of the Copyright Law.

  5. In addition to complying with the provisions of Article 80-1 Paragraph 1 of the Copyright Act, due to technical restrictions, the work cannot be legally used unless it is removed or changed; or when the recording or transmission system is converted, technically necessary removal or change is required Except under circumstances, the rights management electronic information marked on the company's website cannot be removed or changed without permission.


2. Disclaimer


  1. For the convenience of Internet users, the company's website only provides links to related websites, and the company is not responsible for the user's use of the content of the website.

  2. The webpages or information of the linked websites provided by the company's website are all provided by the linked websites, and the relevant rights belong to those websites or legal rights holders. The company does not guarantee its correctness, timeliness or completeness.

  3. In the following circumstances, all or part of the service will be suspended or interrupted, and any direct or indirect damage to the user will not be liable:

    1. When the software and hardware equipment related to this service is relocated, replaced, upgraded, maintained or repaired.

    2. The user has any violation of government laws or these terms of service.

    3. Service suspension or interruption caused by natural disasters or other force majeure.

    4. Any website service suspension or interruption caused by any reason not attributable to this service.

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