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Beige Home Items

​Let your life not be disturbed by clutter

Can be used with [home cleaning]

​Home storage and organization

​According to your lifestyle

​Suggest your best storage and organization method​

No need to go to great lengths and spend a lot of money to redecorate

Maybe  a little more ingenuity

Maybe be more attentive

​The living environment has changed.

Create a high-quality living environment


One of the founders of Jieli Home


Good at coordinating home space

​Space configuration and living flow arrangement

Ken Manager Liu


Stacy Zhou Manager

One of the founders of Jieli Home

​Has more than ten years of storage and cleaning expertise

​Good at creating a new storage environment

This service requires on-site inspection.​The site survey fee is 500 yuan/time. Service costs 800 yuan to 1,200 yuan per hour per person

This service does not include cleaning services. It is recommended to use it with home cleaning to get twice the result with half the effort​

​Home Storage Chat

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