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In addition to mildew

The staff brought the special mildewcide imported from Japan to the house to deal with the moldy condition of the silicone rubber strip in the bathroom.

Cleaning agent billing standard: 200 yuan per bathroom

                 RMB 300 for two bathrooms

Mold removal must be carried out in conjunction with home cleaning, and no extra time is required.

​​Dust mites

Use American rainbow top dust mite machine (price 88,000 yuan)

★American Asthma and Allergy Foundation (AAFA) certification

Suitable for patients with asthma and allergies

★American Home Appliance Manufacturers Association (AHAM) certification

Proven to be an air purifier with excellent performance

★Certified by Carpet Industry Association (CRI)

Passed independent laboratory test and confirmed by three major standards

Basic plan (choose one)

●Petite bourgeoisie plan: one bed (single bed), two pillows, one quilt, 1500 yuan

●Small family plan: one bed (double bed), two pillows, one quilt, 2000 yuan ●Large family plan: two beds (regardless of single double bed), four pillows, two quilts, 3000 yuan


Plus purchase area

◆ Single bed and one bed     1000 yuan

◆ Double bed and one bed     1500 yuan

◆ A quilt        400 yuan

◆ One pillow        100 yuan

◆ Single fabric sofa       500 yuan

◆ Two-seater fabric sofa       800 yuan

◆ Three-seat fabric sofa      1200 yuan

  L-shaped cloth sofa       1500 yuan



♦Select items according to actual needs. The minimum cost for a single trip is 2200 yuan. When the fee is insufficient, it will be charged at 2200 yuan ♦

Essential oil washing bed

Use German imported vacuum washing machine plus natural essential oil for cleaning

Bed stains, blood stains, sweat stains, milk stains, peculiar smells, mildew stains, and beverage stains can all be deodorized and restored

single bed                 2300/sheet

Single increase               2500/sheet

Standard double bed             2800/piece

Queen size             3000/piece

King size               3300/sheet

Plus purchase double-sided               700/piece


Annoying smoke, pet odor, and some disturbing odors

Makes living really uncomfortable


It costs tens of thousands of yuan to deodorize outside (about 500-2000 yuan per ping)

Jieli Home provides deodorization service at an economical and affordable price

Within 40 pings     From 8000

More than 40 pings   Please call us

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