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employee benefits

1. If you work two shifts a day or work six hours a day, the company will subsidize 100 yuan for meals that day or provide meals. Meal expenses will be included in salary and paid together

2. One shift is defined as four hours

3. For every 150 working hours, the salary will be increased by RMB 25 per hour. The upper limit is RMB 300 per hour. Employees with an hourly wage of NT$300 enjoy half-year performance bonus benefits

4. The probation period is two to four shifts (8 to 16 hours), and the hourly salary during the probation period is the legal minimum hourly wage. The company may terminate the contract early or terminate the applicable period based on circumstances.

5. The company provides employee group insurance, and the premium is shared by the company in proportion to working hours.

6. If you have dinner parties from time to time, those who comply with the company's working hour regulations can receive full company entertainment.

7. Education and training, internship

8. The entire set of tools is provided by the company, and colleagues are free to purchase it at their own expense. The tool deposit of RMB 1,000 will be deducted from salary. If the payment is correct when returning, it will be refunded without interest.

9. Working hours are calculated at the end of each month, and wages are paid uniformly on the fifth of the following month. If there is a holiday, wages will be paid in advance.

10. Please open Cathay Pacific Bank to facilitate remittance. If you provide an account other than the company's correspondent bank, the handling fee incurred for the transfer will be borne by the colleague.

​Employee Assessment

1. Colleague conduct and reward standards will be regulated by the employee code formulated by the company. Relevant codes and assessment standards will be handed over to colleagues for record and reference when admission is made.

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