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The unserviceable items are as follows:

1. Excluding gardening, yard weeding services and cleaning up waste

2. Does not include indoor malodorous environment and the scene of criminal cases

3. Do not move or lift large furniture or heavy objects over ten kilograms.

4. Excluding the cleaning of ceilings, high windows and inaccessible surfaces

5. Does not include dangerous exterior window cleaning, or areas that cannot be cleaned

6. Does not include curtain cleaning, chandelier cleaning, ceiling fan cleaning, and other places that cannot be constructed

7. Excluding pet excrement and cleaning of heavily polluted areas

8. Excluding the handling of hazardous chemical substances

9. Does not include assembling furniture, moving house or other staff cannot perform work that is not in the scope of home cleaning.

10. Excluding non-home cleaning services such as water tower cleaning, water pipes, garden landscaping (viewing fish ponds, artificial rockeries, etc.), swimming pools and other non-home cleaning services

11. No need to use a screwdriver to remove items or clean electronics, high-tech products without disassembly


[Considering the personal safety of the home manager and your home safety, thank you for your cooperation]

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