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Who said that cleaning is only needed before the New Year

Want to welcome new positive energy at home?

It should be cleaned thoroughly


Cleaning the home is to increase positive energy 


The gloomy home attracts bad energy,

If energy is not good, wealth is naturally bad;

And a bright home attracts good energy, positive energy,

Good energy, good fortune naturally!


The external mess can easily cause physical diseases,

Cleaning up your home is equivalent to cleaning up germs, and your body is naturally healthier!


The cleaning process,

It's the process of processing, choosing, and discarding


God of Wealth likes clean and bright rooms

Cleaning up your home is to increase your wisdom


General cleaning‧Two colleagues will be arranged for 4 or 8 hours each or three colleagues for 6 hours each

Clean your house thoroughly

  1.  House cleaning is billed by the hour, and working eight hours a day is the upper limit. The number of people and time will be evaluated according to the cleaning content of the house.  (However, the home environment of each customer is different. The above hours are recommended values. The correct hours must still be judged based on the content of the owner's requirements)

  2. Does not include cleaning up waste (can be used to call a car) and other non-household cleaning professional services (such as painting, painting, water tower, installation of furniture, lighting, ceiling fans, clearing garden landscaping, landscaping fish ponds... etc.)

  3.   The company cannot service items

  4. If you need special service content, please call for consultation

  5. Need site survey or photo quote

  6.   If the construction taste is not perfect, please instruct the service personnel to improve it. Once the inspection and acceptance, it means that the committee agrees that the cleaning and maintenance work has been completed.

  7. If the commission exceeds the work content items, the price will be extra. Overtime or overtime, 650 yuan per person per hour will be added

  8. The above hours are all empirical suggestions, but the environment of each house is different, and there is no guarantee that all contents can be cleaned.

  9. Regular VIP customers (not included in the hourly card), during the annual cleaning period, during the original fixed cleaning frequency time, not affected by fee adjustments, and still enjoy the greatest discount for regular cleaning customers . If there are more than the originally fixed number of hours, it will be calculated based on the cost of the New Year period.             
    Example: Ms. Lin is the company's fixed Monday morning from 09 to 13:00 for four hours. During the Spring Festival cleaning period, the fee will be charged according to the original discounted fee, but if Ms. Lin wants to increase or increase the frequency, the extra hours will be added It will be calculated and collected based on the current expenses during the cleaning period

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