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Meet The Jelliclean

Business philosophy


business manager  / Chief Operating Officer  Liu Jianxin

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" Quality determines the price "

We have always regarded as our standard

Cleaning is easy to start, but it is difficult to specialize in an industry

Many people took a rag, a mop, a few cans of detergent, hung a sign, printed a business card

Came out to pick up the guests

But quality can only fight price wars

For customers

I often spend wronged money and get angry

Persist in doing our best is our quality requirement

If you value the health of your home environment, we will be your first choice

We use cleaners approved by the U.S. Food Agency

Make your home living environment clean, safer and more healthy


If you want to make you feel like entering a new house after decorating

We are definitely your first choice

Because we have more than dozens of decoration design companies cooperating with listed OTC companies, there are no less than 100 decoration cleaning sessions every year

Our experience is very rich

Not to mention home cleaning experience

All Jeli Homes are Taiwanese colleagues

Cleaner quality control

But if you only care about the price and not the quality, I think we will let you down

If you don’t care about professionalism, we are not your first choice either

If you don’t care about the quality of your colleagues, we are not your choice either

Value ratio is one of your options for choosing a cleaning company


​Business Manager / Chief Operating Officer

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