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Terms of Service / Exclusions

  1. The party agrees to the following service content

    1. Before the service starts, the cleaning client should cooperate with the company or cleaning staff to understand the room type, sanitary conditions, privacy or private items, pets and other information. The company or the cleaning staff have the right to request the cleaning client to indicate the location and precautions that should be cleaned. The cleaning client should respond and cooperate correctly with the instructions of the company or the cleaning staff.

    2. In the course of the service, there are objectively unavoidable damage to the property and personal injury of the cleaning client, or the service agreement cannot be successfully implemented. If it is determined that the cleaning staff is grossly negligent, the company shall compensate the cleaning client for the damage. Damaged items should be repaired first, and if they need to be replaced, they will be compensated based on the depreciation ratio. (The upper limit of the claim amount is the current cleaning service charge amount, but does not include outsourcing manufacturers and agency fees)

    3. Due to other service requirements of the cleaning client, the original scheduled service time has changed. The company has the right to charge service fees based on the additional service time. The additional service fee will be charged based on the original service fee based on the additional time.

    4. For the service purchased by the cleaning client, the service fee is calculated " on the hour". If the cleaning entrusting party wants to prove that the cleaning staff is lazy or wasting time, the cleaning entrusting party must provide information (for example: photos, videos, etc.), and the company will assist in processing.

  2. The following items are not served by the cleaning staff:

    1. Lift or move objects over 10 kg, or fragile objects without safety protection (for example: porcelain, antique vases... etc.).

    2. Cleaning of inaccessible areas (for example: high-rise windows, climbing to outside windows, ceilings, ceiling-mounted facilities, etc. *If you need to climb, you need more than 2 cleaning personnel and use a safety ladder to perform).

    3. Deal with hazardous chemical substances.

    4. Destroy pests (such as cockroaches, bees, snakes, or fleas, etc.). (Our company has a dedicated deworming company with cooperation)

    5. Work in an environment that is uncomfortable to the human body (for example, refuse to work in foul smell, high temperature) * Do not handle excrement and vomit.

    6. It does not contain garbage. If there is a garbage bin in the building, it can help with packing. Please prepare garbage bags.

    7. Special cleaning & accident scene cleaning services are not provided (such as scenes after fires, scenes after floods, accidental deaths and natural deaths, sofa mattress carpet dry cleaning, crystal lamp cleaning).

    8. Kneeling and mopping the floor cleaning service is not provided.

    9. No cleaning service of the god table is provided.

    10. Does not include curtain cleaning, chandelier cleaning, ceiling fan cleaning.

    11. It does not include gardening, yard weeding, water tower cleaning, water pipes, garden landscaping (viewing fish ponds, artificial rockeries, etc.), swimming pools and other non-home cleaning services.

    12. It does not include assembling furniture, moving houses, or other workers who cannot perform work that is not in the scope of home cleaning.

    13. Jieli Home Co., Ltd. reserves the right to give an appropriate explanation to the above content

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