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The most favorable price, the more the frequency the cheaper

Free VIP discount for the original hours during the Chinese New Year

Clean regularly  Guarantee during the new year  No price increase

Once every two weeks
Four hours per person at a time
2000  Yuan/time


Monday to four times a week
Four hours per person at a time
1900  Yuan/time


■Living room■

Decoration, decoration, mobile dust removal, mobile furniture, cleaning dead corners, floor mopping, garbage collection, floor cleaning, dust removal, plane cabinet exterior, wiping


Kitchen floor decontamination and degreasing flow table decontamination and degreasing cabinet surface wiping and degreasing

Degreasing outside the range hood

Stove degreasing and descaling

■ bedroom ■

Removal of dust and dirt on decoration and decorations, mobile furniture, cleaning of dead corners, floor mopping, garbage collection, floor cleaning of all rooms, dust and dirt, surface of cabinet, surface wipe


Sanitary equipment, mildew and descaling, glass mirror cleaning, wiping, drainage system, hair removal

Faucet polishing and descaling toilet/seat descaling and scrubbing


  1. Discount calculated based on the original price of 550/H

  2. Regular customers must prepay 3000 yuan in advance when signing a contract (exempt during the current promotion period)

  3. Regular customers receive the total cost of the entire month in advance to enjoy discounts

  4. If the contract does not reach 50% of the total number of times (months), it will be calculated as cancellation, please refer to Article 5 of the contract

  5. If the customer cancels the contract halfway, the refund method is that the number of times the service has been serviced is calculated according to the original price (the company's normal charging basis at the time of the cancellation date), and then the remaining amount is refunded.

  6. ​​ If the number of services changes, the corresponding charges will be adjusted in the next service depending on the frequency of the service .

  7. If the construction taste is not perfect, please instruct the service personnel to improve it. Once the inspection and acceptance, it means that the committee agrees that the cleaning and maintenance work has been completed.

  8. If the commission exceeds the work content items, the price will be extra.

  9. One month before the Lunar New Year, the recruitment of regular members will be suspended (please refer to the official website announcement)

  10. Four major festivals (Spring Festival, Ching Ming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival), service will be suspended depending on the situation

  11. Regular VIP customers (not included in the hour card), during the Spring Festival cleaning period, their original service period fees will be charged according to the original preferential fees, and will not be affected by fee adjustments, and they will still enjoy the original discounts for regular cleaning customers . If there are more than the originally fixed number of hours, it will be calculated based on the cost of the New Year period.             

    • For example:
      Ms. Lin is the company's fixed Monday morning from 09 to 13:00 for four hours (once a week). During the Spring Festival cleaning period, the original service time fee will be charged according to the original discounted fee, but if Miss Lin wants to increase the time or increase the frequency The additional hours will be calculated and collected based on the current expenses during the cleaning period

  12. The original regular customers are not affected by the recent price adjustments and still enjoy the original best price. (For regular customers who continue to serve during the adjustment period, if there are customers who have been interrupted for more than two months, the new rate will be applied)

★The above quotation does not include tax 5%★

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