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Let the family enjoy a comfortable, clean and non-toxic home environment

  The origin of Jieli

        It is a mother who wants to give her beloved daughter a non-toxic growth environment. She often finds non-toxic cleaning products online, and studies hard to maintain a clean and tidy home environment without damaging the child’s body due to detergents. I have also tried this. Natural cleaning products such as baking soda powder, citric acid, white vinegar, pineapple peel, etc., are also frequently used online to check the home cleaning tips shared by the householders.

        Mom thought to myself, since I have tried so many cleaning products and convenient and quick cleaning methods, why not share them so that all friends who have no time to organize their home environment can feel the mother’s hope for their children to be sustainable. , The idea of life is non-toxic, so the Jeli exquisite home cleaning service team was established.

We use environmentally friendly cleaners that comply with national standards and have SGS inspection certificates or certification from the Food Safety Administration of the United States Department of Agriculture. We only hope to provide all customers with a safe and comfortable home environment without worrying about chemical carcinogens and environmental congratulations. The remnants of Ermeng will make the environment sustainable and the earth alive, and we will do a little bit of effort for our next generation.

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