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​Decorating and cleaning

The finishing touch. The most important item

Make your decoration / home after decoration


Professional decoration and cleaning make you feel like entering a new house

Add the finishing touch to your decoration

Jieli Home is here to help you

Let you enjoy a comfortable life

​ can also check whether there are any defects.

​Decorating and cleaning

Choosing good is stubborn. as usual

Whether it’s 100,000, 1 million, or 10 million decorations

Our cleaning quality will not decrease

This is our persistence

​Decorating and cleaning

Evaluation Criteria

1. The upholstery cleaning is based on the on-site survey quotation, and working eight hours a day is the upper limit. The staff must leave early after the cleaning is completed and the acceptance is passed.

2. Does not include cleaning up waste (can be used to call a car) and other non-household cleaning professional services (such as painting, painting, water tower, installation of furniture, lighting, ceiling fans, clearing garden landscaping, landscaping fish ponds... Wait)

3. The company cannot service items

4. If you need special service content, please call for consultation

5. Need site survey or photo quotation

6. If the construction taste is not perfect, please instruct the service personnel to improve it. Once the inspection and acceptance, it means that the committee agrees that the cleaning and maintenance work has been completed.
7. When the commission exceeds the work content items, the price will be calculated separately.

8. The site survey cost is 300 yuan, which can be offset against the cleaning cost. No charge for oral quotes

​Decorating and cleaning

You can make a verbal quotation first, so you don’t have to worry anymore

On-site survey and quotation are required for decoration and cleaning

But the company can first based on the big transaction data

First verbal quotation

Allows you to evaluate whether it is within your budget

​ Relieve your doubts

Free Quotation Online Now / Make an Appointment >>

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