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Sofa cleaning

Fabric sofa cleaning method:
1. Check the suitable agents for the fabric, test the decontamination effect and prevent fading.
2. Use a professional scrubbing machine or manual scrubbing to dissolve the dirt on the surface of the fabric and reduce the adhesion of dirt.
3. Using a professional water inlet and outlet circulation machine, put clean water into the fabric, and then quickly suck it back for several times to make the fabric surface layer 1-2cm clean.
4. Use a professional high-temperature steam machine to hit the surface of the fabric with steam at a temperature of 100°C to have an antibacterial and anti-mite effect. According to medical reports, dust mites will be destroyed in an environment above 55°C.

Leather sofa cleaning method: the surface of the leather is dirty, blocking the pores to breathe, and the leather is restored to softness and elasticity after washing.


Leather sofa sofa dyeing: first check whether the sofa leather fades due to the sun, fades with time, fades with scratches, and is colored by friction. All the problems of each owner can be overcome by leather dyeing.

Leather sofa replacement and repair: Jieli cooperates with the manufacturer to have a master factory designated by a well-known domestic designer to replace your sofa, repair, renovate, and fill the sponge. The first-class technology allows each owner to enjoy high-end technical services.

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