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One-time home cleaning, one colleague will serve for four hours

Preferential price  2200 yuan * (Note 1)

■Living room■

Decoration, decoration, mobile dust removal, mobile furniture, cleaning dead corners, floor mopping, garbage collection, floor cleaning, dust removal, flat objects, wiping and cleaning


Kitchen floor decontamination and degreasing flow table decontamination and degreasing cabinet surface wiping and degreasing

Degreasing outside the range hood

Stove degreasing and descaling

■ bedroom ■

Decoration and ornaments wipe dust and dirt moving furniture to clean dead corners floor mopping garbage collection whole room floor cleaning dust and dirt plane objects wiping and cleaning


Bathroom equipment cleaning, descaling, glass mirror cleaning, wiping, drainage system, removing hair

Faucet polishing and descaling

Toilet / Descaling and scrubbing

Additional purchase area (please select the check box including pay after completion)

​A. Professional vacuum cleaner (500-1000 yuan, depending on the city area. Provided during the cleaning time, no extra time processing)

​B. The dust mite removal machine is 500 yuan, provided during the cleaning time, and no extra time will be processed

★The above quotation does not include tax 5%★

How to use the promotion coupon plus a gift of Mr. Mitte’s 300 yuan shopping gold:
(Mr. Mitte’s official website announced that the company is not responsible for any guarantee)
The discount code will be sent along with the pre-departure notice
The content is:
The shopping cash is sent as $100*3 (equivalent to 3 sets of discount codes)
A set of discounted shopping codes can be used for a single purchase of 1,000 or more, which can be used 3 times
$999 Free Shipping Black Cat Delivery

●Home cleaning service is  Hourly billing. A man four hours as the basic shift, the need to charge extra fees if the time-out or added.

●In accordance with government regulations, the Zhenxing Voucher cannot be changed or exchanged for cash, so please be aware.

●The use method and time limit of the revitalization voucher shall be handled in accordance with relevant government regulations.

●The company reserves the right of final ruling.

●If the cleaning is not perfect, please instruct the service personnel to improve on site. Once the acceptance is checked, it means that the committee agrees that the cleaning and maintenance work has been completed.

●If the original service time is changed due to other service/condition requirements of the customer, the extra time fee will be charged separately.

●Home cleaning does not provide plug-in tools (such as vacuum cleaners, high-pressure machines, etc.) or large tools (such as horse chairs, aluminum ladders, etc.). If necessary, it can be purchased at a higher price or the owner can prepare to provide it

*(Note 1) This rate is not applicable during the year-end cleaning period

If there is force majeure on the day of service, such as typhoon, flood. . . In case of force majeure, you can coordinate rescheduled service or cancel service. Inquiry about suspension of classes and classes by the Bureau of Personnel Administration of the Executive Yuan

You can choose to pay in advance by credit card or pay in cash after completion

Credit card payment

Rejuvenation Voucher Payment

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