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Home cleaning. regular. Decorative cleaning. Empty house cleaning. Hours. housekeeper


Commitment ‧ Satisfied

Your life is what we are most concerned about! Standard SOP process (Standard operating procedures) After each completion of acceptance To ensure that after the completion of the absolute satisfaction guarantee!

Intuition ‧ human nature

Professional ‧ integrity

Although we do not have gorgeous and cool pages But we have a professional home cleaning capacity Let you rest assured that our home.

Serious, professional, honest and responsible Is our business mission


Because of the good, so much sure  Many well-known listed on the cabinet company designated with Mercuries Furniture Co., Ltd., Lutheran Group, eternity So you have more confidence in Jelliclean®  

JELLICLEAN® effort towards full service Only to let you no longer worry about life trivia

JELLICLEAN® use from the United States imports
Certified by the US Department of Agriculture Food Safety Inspection Bureau
Can be used to clean barbecue utensils
JELLICLEAN® do not want to use industrial cleaners
Although this will increase the cleaning costs of  JELLICLEAN®
But we still have to make sure you are healthy!
And do not need to add money to buy cleaners! Let your home
Except for cleaning, safety and health

This is JELLICLEAN persistence

Whether you are using a computer, lithography or a cell phone
You can clearly find the services you need
And easy to book the cleaning time you want.
The company uses an online booking form system
Welcome to use more

The company has andriod system app, welcome to install

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