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Sections not in service area : (The following sections of Jielijia reserves the right to explain)

Xindian District:
Section 1~2 of Anhe Road; Section 1~3 of Ankang Road; Anyi Road; Juguang Road; Qingshan Road; Dingcheng 1st~5th Street; Anhua Road; Zhitan 1st~5th Street; Anxing Road; Anmin Street; Anli Street; Xianghe Road; Chaicheng Road; Anmin Street; Ji'an Street; Anping Street; Guanghua Street; Bi'an Street; Anzhong Road; Ande Street; Ancheng Street; Anxiang Road; Wantan Road; Jinlong Road; Yongye Road; Xintan Road; Huacheng Road; Anhua Road; Xiushan Road; Jingzhong Road; Bitan Road; Taiping Road; Huatan Street; University Street; Anzhong Road; Chezi Road; Liming Road; Qiaoxin Road; Qiaoai Road; Qiaoyi Road; Jixiang Street; Rose Road; Ruyi Street; Fugui Street; Shuangcheng Road; Yuhe Street; Hecheng Street; Antai Road; Jinxiu Road; Jianye Road; Anxiang Road; Yirenkeng Road; An Feng Road; Huacheng Road; Huacheng Road 1~6; Darong Road; Xiugang Road 1~6; Xintan Road Section 1~3; Pingguang Road Section 1~3; Xiaokeng Road 1~3; Huanhu Road Hefeng 1~8 Road; Chenggong Road; Songlin Road; Changchun Road; Wenzhong Road; Guoxiao Road; Xindian Road; Xindian Back Street; Nengren Road; Beiyi Road (Beiyi Highway); Xinpo 1st Street; Xinwu Road ; Zhulin Road; Xiushui Road; Post Road; Mingshan Road; Yushan Road; Laoquan Street; Yinhe Road; Shuangfeng Road; Changfeng Road; Zhongsheng Road; Xiufeng Road; Cuifeng Road; Shuangfeng Road; Huxing Road; Changxing Road Huayuanxincheng Community; Xincheng Avenue; Jinxing Road; Yongfu Road; Meigang No. 1~3 Road; Sifenzi Industry; Ziqiang Road; Yinghua Street; Quchi Road; Jieli Home; Shicuo Road; Kangyalun Road; Huzinei Road; Yongxing Road; Xiashicuo Road; Xiaocuukeng Road; Zhitan 1st ~ 8th Street; Daguan Road; Guishan Road; Wulai and other mountainous areas


Zhonghe District:
After Lane 36, Yuanshan Road; After Lane 435, Yuantong Road; After No. 395, Section 2, Xingnan Road, Section 3, Xingnan Road


Xizhi District:
Changqing Road; Ruisong Street; Qinjin Road; Xiangyun Street; Xiushan Road

Tucheng District:

Remote mountainous areas such as Nantianmu Road

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