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Sections not in service area : (The following sections of Jielijia reserves the right to explain)

Wenshan District:
Laoquan Street; Section 3 of Zhidao Road; Chongde Street; Fude Street; Section 3 of Xinxing Road; Huanshan 2nd~3rd Road; Zhengda 1st Street and Zhengda 2nd Street; Wanshou Road and other mountainous areas


Shilin District:
Daheng Road; Zhongyong 1st Road; Zhongyong 5th Road; Yonggong Road; Guanghua Road; Dongshan Road; Changchun Street; Jianye Road; Gezhi Road; Zhuangding Road; Huagang Road; Kaixuan Road; Cuishan Street; Aifu 1st~3rd Street ;Jingshan Road; Xin'an Road; Yangde Avenue Section 3~4; Zhishan Road Section 2~3, Shezhong Road; Yanping North Road Section 7; after Shezi Island and other districts


Beitou District:
Yixin Street; Section 1 to Section 2 of Dadu Road; Shitan Road; Xiushan Road; Xiushui Road; Quanyuan Road; Dongsheng Road; Shamao Road; Section 1 to Section 2 of Hushan Road; Hudi Road; Xingyi Road;


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