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Know Before You Go 

  1. You have successfully made an appointment in the 24H automated appointment system. If you need to schedule or change, we will take the initiative to contact and notify you by SMS. If there is no need to change, this notice will be the itinerary establishment notice

  2. Home cleaning , vacant house cleaning , rent-out cleaning , check-in cleaning , general cleaning are all  hour  Billing , not all you can eat .
    The minimum charge is four hours per person.
    All overtime will be charged .

  3. ​​ Peer service is limited to cleaning services, and does not include other services that are not in the scope of cleaning (except if there is an agreement)

  4. Owners are obliged to provide a safe working environment. If colleagues assess that there is a danger of physical life, they have the right to refuse service. If colleague's life is damaged due to the negligence of the owner, the owner will bear all responsibilities.

  5. Above all provide clean portable cleaning tool (flat mop, rag, brush with a little gadget) with basic green cleaning products (kitchen, toilet, universal, glass, etc.). If you have special requirements, please prepare or purchase them by yourself.

  6. If you need to provide stairs or a small vacuum cleaner, an additional 500-1000 yuan (depending on the region) will be added.

  7. The area confirmed with the customer will be given priority first . If there is no agreement, the basic cleaning order will be followed-kitchen, toilet, whole room floor and whole room floor are the local items (about 20-25 pings of space, depending on the dirty condition).

  8. If there is insufficient time for on-site judgment or additional requests from customers , it will be subject to on-site conditions. If the service is available within the scheduled time, we are happy to help. If the evaluation time is not enough, overtime or extra time, an additional 550 yuan/person will be charged for one hour, and an additional 650 yuan/person will be charged for one hour during the Chinese New Year (if there are more than two people on site, all extra time or all average extra hours will be required)

  9. All fees will be charged after the end of the service time. (Except for those with prior agreement)

  10. Due to the time delay due to our colleagues, we will make up the hours. If the time is short due to the owner's factor, we will not make up for it. Or we may need to pick up the key from the designated place to open the door. The round-trip time is included in the service hours. Please forgive me.

  11. Non-service items

  12. Before cleaning, please take away the valuables in your home

  13. After the service is completed, please be sure to sign for it.

  14. The itinerary has been agreed in advance by both parties. If the service personnel arrive at the scene on the day of service, but the service is unavailable due to the owner's factors, we will charge 200 yuan for the carriage fee, and you can reconfirm the date and time of the next service.

  15. ​​ We will pack the cleaned garbage and waste (please provide a special garbage bag for the owner) or gather them in one place, and ask the owner to dispose of it by himself. If you need to deal with it, you can call the clearing company on your behalf, and the cost will be quoted according to the current price of the clearing company.

  16. If there is force majeure on the day of service, such as typhoon, flood. . . In case of force majeure, you can coordinate rescheduled service or cancel service. Inquiry about suspension of classes and classes by the Bureau of Personnel Administration of the Executive Yuan

  17. Disclaimer

  18. If the itinerary is cancelled for three times (inclusive) after confirmation, the company reserves the right to refuse service

  19. Sincerely invite you to conduct a satisfaction survey after the current service is completed (click here)

The appointment has been completed, we will go to the service at your appointment time

Once every two weeks       1900  /Second-rate

Monday to twice  1800/time

Three to four times a week  1700/time

More than five times a week (inclusive)   1600/time

Stored Value Hour Card

10H   4900 yuan

20H   9400 yuan

30H  13,950 yuan   

40H  18400 yuan 

50H  22500 yuan

The above quotations do not include tax

​I want to clean regularly

​Regular cleaning can enjoy a more favorable price

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