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​​Site survey quotation description

  1. The company's initial oral quotation has a certain degree of experience and transaction experience, which can provide you with reference and measurement of the general direction.

  2. If we judge or require site surveys (such as clean up decoration, vacant house cleaning, rent withdrawal, check-in cleaning ), we will first analyze the transaction amount of similar situations based on our company’s big data analysis. Preliminary verbal quotation and initial consensus with customers. If acceptable, the date and time of the site survey will be further arranged.

  3. The site survey fee is 300 yuan, which will be collected immediately after the site survey.

  4. If the amount after the site survey is within the budget of the oral quotation, the site survey fee will be charged on site. The cost of the site survey can be used to offset the service cost .

  5. If the quotation after the site survey is greater than the amount of the initial oral quotation , the customer has the right to refuse service , and the site survey fee will not be charged for this site survey.

  6. The company’s initial verbal quotation is based on big data evaluation of the company’s transaction cases, and the price after the actual site survey is not too far away.

  7. The company's quotation after oral/site survey is valid within seven days from the quotation date

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